Windy Gyle Band

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Windy Gyle Band:
Alice Burn (Northumbrian pipes)
Paul Knox (Northumbrian pipes and fiddle)
Ged Lawson (guitar)
Nikki Lawson (fiddle and fidola)
Anthony Robb (Northumbrian pipes and fiddle)
Heather Robb (fiddle)

Kathy Anderson (piano)
Alan Brown (electric piano)
Stewart Hardy (fiddle)
Jacob Heringman (lute)
Jamie Robb (fiddle)

Purple Hills to Coast - Windy Gyle Band and friends

01. Farewell To The Dene (Willie Taylor) / Kielder Schottische (trad)
02. Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? (var. Tom Clough) / The Glen Aln Hornpipe (Will Atkinson)
03. The Ronald Couper Jig (The Shetland Two-Step) (Frank Jamieson)
04. Mr Christopher Moss, His Lament Upon The Passage of Time (Jacob Heringman)
05. The Modest Fiddler (trad) / The Lass o’ Corrie’s Mill (trad) / Marie Claire (Jerry Holland)
06. Peggy & Ivan’s (Nikki Lawson) / Charlie Hunter (Bobby MacLeod )/ Rosewood (trad)
07. The Bewshaugh (Mary Cowan) / The Remember Me Hornpipe (Robert Whinham)
08. The Cheviot Rant (Billy Miller) / Nancy Taylor’s Reel (Willie Taylor)
09. Ann and Albert’s Silver Wedding (trad) / Snowy Monday (Willie Taylor)(Seconds, Kathryn Tickell)
10. The Tombigbee Waltz (trad) / Westphalia Waltz (Cotton Collins)
11. Danse de Chez Nous (Philippe Bruneau) / Balcomie House (trad) / Aunty Mary’s Canadian (trad)
12. Wild Hills o’Wannies or Wild Seas o’Seaham (trad)
13. North Point of Maclean (Jonathan Parkinson)

This is the 4th offering of Windy Gyle Band’s menagerie of sound! It was recorded mainly in the Hooky Mat studio but we have not abandoned the front room tradition completely – this time rooms at Frenchgate Richmond and Hedchester Law (Northumberland) were pressed into service. Anthony’s solo pipe tracks were recorded in the spectacular space at St Cuthbert’s Chapel, Ushaw College, Durham.

The Band continues to celebrate its 6-decade-spread of musicians and to thrive, despite meeting up only occasionally for invariably enjoyable musical stramashes. As with earlier albums we have an impressive list of friends joining us to lift the tone and enhance variety, and we hope there is something to please all tastes in this music smorgasbord.

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